Monthly Archives: November 2014

A New Scale

Gamergate continues to redefine fuckhead-ery with it’s harassment, misinformation and general garbage. Somehow it hasn’t died off yet despite the obviousness of its origins and actions. Incredibly people seem to be finding new and exciting ways to be wrong, attempting to use language and ideas they don’t understand to bolster their arguments. Today twitter user AtlasSmugged spotted and took this screenshot:

I not sure we have an adequate way to describe this. This post is a turd, that much I know, but that is lacking, even compounding it with more adjectives doesn’t feel like it will quite provide the emphasis we need. There’s not much point in dissecting its awfulness, simply because anyone who could post this would certainly be beyond understanding.

So we need a turd scale. I’m proposing we start small, something like a mouse turd. Never good but, individually at least, easy to get rid of. Gradually increase, cats, dogs, cattle, bigger and bigger until you reach where this guys post fits:

The Goldblum Proclamation: